DM-NS6037 Multifunctional Transparent Gastric Lavage Model

1. Upper torso of adult male. It can realize a variety of positions during gastric lavage: supine position, left decubitus position
2. Precise anatomical structure, include: nasal cavity, oral cavity, teeth, tongue, trachea, bronchi, esophagus, stomach, diaphragmatic muscle, gall bladder, pancreas,spleen, duodenum, colon, etc.
3. Practice tracheotomy nursing care
4. Transparent abdominal wall for convenient observation of operation process
5. Gastric lavage: gastric lavage by oral/nasal
6. Gastrointestinal decompression and gastric juice collection
7. Nasal feeding, oxygen inhalation, mouth care, sputum suction
8. After the operation, the remaining liquid in the digestive tract can be conveniently discharged from the special pipeline
9. Pupil teaching: narrowed pupil demonstrates organophosphorus poisoning
10. With lighting system: indicator lights demonstrate the anatomical position of the common bile duct, duodenal curvature, gallbladder body, and fundus of the gallbladder