DM-NS6001/DM-NS6002 Multi-functional Nursing Manikin

1. This nursing manikin can realize multiple operation functions of basic nursing.
2. Wash face, nursing eye, ear, nose, scrub body on the bed, change clothes
3. Flexible limbs and joints allow to stage manikin in various positions, transport patients, change bed, rehabilitation movements
4. Bilateral, unilateral oxygen inhalation, atomizing inhalation therapy
5. Nasal feeding: When the gastric tube is inserted at 45-55cm, the simulated gastric juice can be drawn out
6. Gastric lavage: practice through oral/nasal cavity, stomach capacity up to 500ml
7. Gastro-intestinal decompression
8. Female breast nursing
9. Intravenous injection:
① Practise IV infusion, blood drawing, blood transfusion
② The sense of emptying is obvious while correct puncture into the vessel, and blood backflow
10. Intramuscular injection:
① on the upper arm deltoid ; gluteus maximus, outer gluteal muscle
② intramuscular injection pad can be removed for cleaning, allow repeated practice
11. Subcutaneous Injection: on lower edge of deltoid
12. Insulin injection
13. Ostomy nursing
14. Catheterization: male/female exchangeable
15. Bladder irrigation
16. Enema operation
17. Male head (DM-NS6001)/ female head (DM-NS6002)