DM-PE6410 Cardiopulmonary Auscultation and Abdominal Palpation Teaching System

1. Products include:
1) Cardiopulmonary auscultation manikin
2) Abdominal palpation manikin
3) Special designed display table
4) Software: Heart auscultation, lung auscultation, abdominal palpation teaching and assessment, auscultation assessment and practice
2. Cardiopulmonary auscultation manikin
1) Clear anatomical landmarks: Clavicle, sternum, sternum angle, xiphoid process, ribs, intercostal space, scapula etc...
2) Electronic stethoscope, improves the sound quality, and multiple people can auscultate at the same time, can realize intelligent auscultation
3)  Unique design of non-contact sensor network, only perform on the corresponding area can hear the sound
4) Cardiac auscultation: auscultation sounds can be played on the apex cordis, fundus, precordial area, underarms, back, and under the xiphoid . It can achieve more than 40 auscultation areas, more than 190 cases of cardiac auscultation, and more than 100 cases of lung examination signs
5) Cardiac auscultation area: five valve auscultation areas, auscultation area inside the apex, auscultation area of the apex after an enlarged heart, and auscultation area of the fourth intercostal space on the left edge of the sternum
6) Vibration sensor to simulate diastolic fine tremor, systolic fine tremor and continuous fine tremor
3. Abdominal palpation manikin
1) Supine position with bent legs and soft abdomen, clear anatomical landmarks: Incocostal margin, xiphoid process, superior abdominal horn, rectus abdominis, umbilicus, anterior superior iliac spine, pubic bone
2) Simulate 42 kinds of abdominal examination signs
3) Liver palpation
4)  Spleen palpation
5) Gallbladder palpation
6) Abdominal diseases with 10 types of tenderness and rebound tenderness
4. Software teaching control platform
1) Including the teacher's master machine and the student's experiment machine, with network teaching and assessment
2) Teaching mode for all student: Real-time transmission to all student computers
3) Group teaching mode: Interactive dialogue and group teaching
4) Online monitoring: Monitor the actual status of all students machines
5) Online exams: results and evaluation reports can be uploaded to the teacher's machines
5. Teaching software
1) The teaching software for cardiac auscultation and lung auscultation is easy to use
2) Differential auscultation
3) Auscultation teaching and assessment software
4) Abdominal palpation teaching and assessment software
6. System Requirements
Device        Windows PC
Operating system   WIN10(×86,×64)
CPU         student machine G4400, teacher master machine I3 6100
Graphics card       HD Graphics 510
RAM            4.00G
Disk space      256G
Display          1920*1080
Connection port    USB port and serial port