DM-CPR1950S Half Body CPR Training Manikin – Voice Indication

1. Executive standard: in comply with the latest AHA CPR& ECC Guidelines
2. Half body, obvious anatomical structure and realistic texture
3. Pupils: one dilated one normal
4. Manual carotid pulses through pulse bulb
5. The whole process with voice prompt, comparing with the LED light indication, more intuitive and practical
6. Chest compression:
① Place wrong position will have voice indication
② Correct compression depth (≥5cm,≤6cm), wrong compression will have voice indication
③ No rebound will have voice indication
7. Airway status indication
8. Ventilation:
① Correct breathing volume(500ml-600ml), wrong ventilation will have voice indication
② Air into stomach will have voice alarm
9. Compression frequency: 100-120times/min, compression and ventilation ratio 30: 2